Interior Design

08 Aug 17

How to hang artwork like an interior designer

Arranging artwork has to be my favourite way to accessorise a home. You get to create a focal point, a striking opportunity to add some colour and by far one of the best ways to really personalise your space. BUT I see it done so wrong time and time again so I thought this would […]

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05 Jul 17

13 interior design crimes and how to avoid them

Last weekend I did a 14 hour round trip to deliver a talk at the Essential Edinburgh Life and Style event. The organisers asked me if I’d talk about what I consider the worst design crimes and well, I had a lot of time to think about it! Here’s my top 13 (because I couldn’t […]

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15 Jun 17

Colour Psychology for interiors: The winter personality

  The title of this blog post has the word Winter in it so I know I’m in danger of you skipping straight past it, since we are all clinging into this glorious summer sunshine- but hold on in there. In terms of Colour Psychology this is by far the most popular season with professional […]

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13 Jun 17

Colour Psychology for interiors: the autumn personality

Next in my series of blog posts about seasonal personalities is autumn. Now just to quickly recap, I’m exploring the psychology of colour because I think it’s an wonderful tool to streamline the design process. We are literally bombarded with visual stimulus, trends, latest looks, magazines, not to mention the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. […]

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12 Jun 17

Colour Psychology for interiors: The Summer Personailty

This is the second in the series of blog posts about the Seasonal personalities in terms of Colour Psychology. Next up, Summer. The cliché images  that spring to mind might be deck chairs, ice cream and a bright pair of Bermuda shorts but when you look at the English countryside in summer it’s a lot […]

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08 Jun 17

DIY SOS The Big Reveal

Gary and Kyle Ratcliffe and their gorgeous kids were my dream family to design for, for my first ever DIY SOS. After they found out that I had been appointed as their designer, they found me on facebook and messaged me to say “GO FOR IT!!!!!!!”. Like I said, my dream clients in every way. […]

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