20 Mar 17

Interior Design Masterclass with Sophie and Daniel

For the past few years I’ve been co-hosting Interior Design masterclasses with my old Tv chum and president of the BIID Daniel Hopwood. Situated in central London we offer a days course for anyone passionate about design, homeowners, students, property developers and fans of The Great Interior Design Challenge. This little video gives you a […]

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31 Jan 17

Interview with Interior Stylist Mary Norden

You know in life there are always those girls you have a bit of a crush on. Be it the cool girls at school or women who are smashing it in your chosen field. Well the interior stylist Mary Norden has always been one of my career crushes. During her time as Interiors Editor on […]

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23 Nov 16

Want the best job in the world? Here’s how to become an Interior Stylist

One of the questions I get asked A LOT is how to get a career in interiors. Lots of folk who watch or take part in The Great Interior Design Challenge think that there is only one career path in Interior Design and that that is to become a professional interior designer. But I’m going […]

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30 Oct 16

Interior Design Master class

Daniel Hopwood and I have been working together for 4 years, latterly running courses in Interior Design master classes in Interior Design. We first met on a screen test for The Great Interior Design Challenge back in 2013. We came from completely different parts of the design world. In fact different planets if I’m honest. […]

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27 Oct 16

The Amara Interior Blog Awards 2016

I was thrilled to be invited to host the prestigious Amara Interior Blog awards again this year. It’s an absolute honour and a joy to be in a crowd of fellow interior design fanatics. Not to mention the glamour and the outfits and the wonderful cocktails put on my the incredible Ham Yard hotel. (And […]

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24 Jul 16

Breaking News! I won’t be returning to The Great Interior Design Challenge.

The good news is the fourth series of The Great Interior design challenge has been commissioned and filming is underway. While I can’t deny that it breaks my heart that I won’t be working with my favourite people in TV Daniel Hopwood and Tom Dyckhoff, not to mention the courageous and creative designers that bare […]

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