08 Jun 17

My amazing time on DIY SOS

Well tonight, 8th June on BBC One, just before the nail biting election results, the country got to see what we can really achieve when we put other peoples needs in front of our own and go all out for the greater good of our community. Rebuilding the Ratcliffes home, on the Isle of Sheppey […]

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02 Jan 17

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year you gorgeous bunch! I marked it with a fabulous house party thrown by one of my oldest friends and then we hosted a Bonfire and walk on the woods on New Years Day. A bonfire is the perfect way to see in the new year. Time to throw your old cares into […]

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17 Sep 16

From Colour lover to Colour Runner

I whole heartedly embrace anything colour, so like a kid in a sweetshop I just had to say Yes to the invitation to take part in the Brighton Color Run, presented by Skitttles. I’d done zero training but as part of my Autumn New Year strategy I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get […]

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06 Sep 16

September is the new New Year

I’ve always thought that January is a pants time to start new projects, and set new intentions. Feeling sluggish and blue post Christmas, I always struggle to summon up too much optimism while the winter feels its dragging on as I’m holding out for Spring. For me winter is a time for bone broths and […]

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24 Jul 16

Breaking News! I won’t be returning to The Great Interior Design Challenge.

The good news is the fourth series of The Great Interior design challenge has been commissioned and filming is underway. While I can’t deny that it breaks my heart that I won’t be working with my favourite people in TV Daniel Hopwood and Tom Dyckhoff, not to mention the courageous and creative designers that bare […]

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20 Jul 16

Summer garden party at home

This summer we threw a garden party to celebrate my mother 70th birthday party. This short video shows us at home with styling ideas on how to dress the marquee, buffet lunch and welcome drinks, as well a kids picnic in a bell tent.  

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