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06 Apr 17

The Annex Build part 4- paint colours revealed

Now all the structural work has been done in the annex we are able to get some paint on the walls. In this short video I reveal the colours we have chosen for the annex and why I think they work so well for each different area. Still a little tease as the full reveal […]

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16 Mar 17

Creating a neutral grey interior colour palette

The interior design schemes for the Granny Annex (I promised my Mum I wouldn’t use that term but sorry Mum, it’s what it is!!) anyway, the interior design schemes are coming along really nicely and we are beginning to see the background colour scheme pulling together. Mum actually moves in this weekend! She’s keen to […]

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02 Mar 17

Come meet my Mum! Latest from the Granny Annex

I thought it was about time I introduced you to my Mum, who has also been the clinet for the past few months. We bought the house with her over a year ago and finally her Granny Annex is almost complete and ready for her to move in next door! In this video we have […]

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24 Feb 17

Construction of the Annex Build renovation

One of the most exciting parts of designing a house from the ground up is seeing the progress and being able to make the right choices every step of the way. Our annex renovation has been a facinating build in terms of construction. We’ve opted for a timber frame thought allows for maximum insulation all […]

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08 Feb 17

Furniture layout and electrical plan for the Annex project

Getting a furniture plan laid out is the first step to creating a successful interior design. From there you can plan where you need the plot the electrics and the plan for the lighting design. It’s the basic first step and I show you an really easy way to do it. All you need is […]

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24 Jan 17

The Annex conversion build part 1

Here’s a look at the progress of the Annex conversion at our family home in East suusex. I introduce you to my husband and part of the build team as we get the basic structure built

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