Can I book you to design my home?

I don’t do residential interior design for private clients at this time. Instead, I’m focusing on helping people design awesome room schemes for themselves. You can find out more here.

Can I book you to host my event?

I love hosting events, it plays to all my strengths as both an interiors expert and experienced presenter. From product launches, media events, award ceremonies, panel debates to live podcasts, I literally am up for anything. Please use the contact form to tell me about your event.

Can I have your media kit?

Yes, absolutely, thanks for asking. Please contact me via the form on my contact page and I’ll send you a link.

Can I send you a press release?

Yes, absolutely. Please send it onto my interiors editor Luisa here, and we’ll happily consider it for blog content.

Can I send you my product for review/feature?

Thanks so much for the offer.  I get inundated with requests and products, and I rarely accept gifts but if you think my readers will want to know about your exciting new product and you’d like me to share it with them, please use the contact form to tell me more about it and we’ll let you know if it is of interest.

Can I send you samples/ swatches/ paint charts from my new range?

Yes thank you, I’m always on the look out for what’s new and colourful. If you contact my PA here she will let you know where to send it, thanks so much.

Do you take sponsored blog content or guests posts?

No, I don’t, all the content on my blog is my own. However, if you have a brand and are interested in a collaboration, hop on over to the Collaborations section to get in touch and I can send you more information on how we can work together.

I have a Style Surgery question for the podcast. Where shall I send it?

I’d love to read your question. Just head on over to the contact form and you’ll find an option on there.

I want to become an interior designer, what’s your advice?

I don’t have any personal affiliations or personal recommendations for any of the interior design schools, but training is a must if you plan to become a professional. You can contact the BIID for advice, or read my blog post here on how I broke into the industry.

I’m looking for a job! Do you have a position opening up?

At this time, sadly I don’t but never say never. If you have a CV that is applicable to my area of expertise – both interior design and social media, then get in touch here.

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