Get confident with colour in my creative, inspiring and hands-on workshop that will empower you to create knock-out room schemes with ease. Together we can ban the beige!

Interior designer sophie robinson jhosts her ban the beige colour workshop to empower people to colour scheme their homes like a queen

I’m a self-proclaimed colour lover and I relish the impact it can make. In 20 years working within interior design I’ve never become bored of dreaming up new combinations and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to experiment and discover what works. However, lot’s of people feel stopped when it comes to picking colours for their rooms and often default to playing it safe with grey or beige. But beware! Go down this route and I guarantee you’re going to be left with that sinking feeling of disappointment and underwhelm. This workshop will introduce you to the game-changing framework of colour psychology, helping you to unpick the mystery of how to compile a cohesive colour palette and more importantly understand what colours are perfect for you and the room you are designing.


I understand that people fall into two camps, those who embrace colour and those who fear it. Whichever team you’re on, this workshop is for totally for you.

Throughout the day we’ll be focusing on what colours YOU are naturally drawn towards and what effect they have on you and your space. We’ll explore your natural impulses and discover your very own unique colour palette before covering some useful theory on how these can work together, and how to use your palette to enhance all elements of your life and your home.

Learning about Colour Psychology has been totally game-changing for me. I’ll never listen to my friends’ opinions again! I now know what colours work for me and I literally can’t wait to get started on every room in my house!

Karen, home owner and primary school teacher

I’ll be sharing my tried and tested design rules on how to work up a magazine-worthy scheme, as well as touching on the theory of colour psychology. to ensure that a room feels as good as it looks.

Throughout the day the focus will be on exploring your unique colour palette and visualising this through mood boards for a proposed room scheme. There is plenty of opportunity to get questions answered so you are clear on your scheme.

One of the highlights of the day for everyone who attends is spending a day, steeped in creativity, with a small group of people who are as passionate about design as you are. It’s a wonderful opportunity to swap renovation tales, tips and advise, all set in an inspiring venue.


Home improvers: If you are looking at redesigning your own home, this will give you the insight and confidence to pull together a strong colour scheme for one room, but you’ll garner the skills to then design any room in your home.

Interior Designers: If you find yourself in a colour rut and are looking to reinvigorate your design process, then this creative day will kick start some fresh inspiration and look at colour scheming in a new and refreshing way.

Creatives: If you would like to spend the day furthering your knowledge of colour and its applications, as well as Sophie’s personal take on how to use it and create mood boards, then you’ll find this a creatively fulfilling day.

The B&H buildings in central London is the venue for Sophie Robinsons ban the beige one day colour workshops in interior design


  1. Discover your own unique colour palette that’s true to you, not just lifted off Pinterest.
  2. Learn about the power of Colour Psychology and how it can transform the way a room feels as well as looks.
  3. Enjoy getting in touch with your creative side, experimenting with colours, paints, fabrics and materials in a free and playful way.
  4. Learn how to put together a mood board that will empower you to design a room with confidence. It will even help you persuade your other half to get on board!
  5. Share the day with like-minded interior design enthusiasts in an inspiring venue with a delicious lunch.



  • Armfuls of notes on how to decorate and personalise your home with confidence
  • Two completed mood boards
  • A colour scheme ready to implement in your home
  • Your own unique colour palette that you can use to design the whole house
  • A goody bag complete with Sophie’s hand-picked gifts for Colour lovers
  • New friends who are just as mad about interior design as you are!
  • Access to Sophie’s closed VIP Facebook group
  • A selfie!


Interior design one day course hosted by acclaimed interior designer sophie robinson shares how to colour scheme

The workshop runs from 9.30am – 5pm.  Refreshments, lunch and all materials are included in the ticket price.


Tickets : 


LONDON: Paper Mill Studios, 9 City Garden Row, Islington, London, N1 8DW

DATE: 10th October 2019  9.30am- 5pm

PRICE: £495 : 35% of tickets sold 50% of tickets sold 75% of tickets sold SOLD OUT


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