Vision boarding has been something I’ve committed to doing for the last 15 years or more and I get a huge boost of energy, uplift and inspiration every time I do it. Sinking into what I want my life to look like and getting some goals and aspirations sketched out is hugely motivating. Having a vision for your life, and indeed your home decor, is so so powerful, and it works!

It is scientifically proven that images hold more power to influence our mind and actions than words. So while list making and journaling is cool, vision boards are where its at in terms of results!

I find vision boarding so much such an effective tool that I also use it for my interior design scheming too. Indeed, two of my online courses have a vision boarding and guided meditation module, which my students tell me they absolutely love!

In this Master class I introduce the concept of vision boarding, and complete it with a guided visualisation, that will ask you to spend some time alone, quiet and relaxed so you can access your subconscious.  That’s where the a-ha moments happen! The focus will be working towards creating your dream interior, but you can use these tools to create what ever your want in every aspect of your life.

The one hour masterclass includes:

  • Introduction to the concept of vision boarding
  • How to source and layout images
  • How to dare to dream
  • A guided visualisation
  • A download worksheet

Come and unleash some feel-good creativity during this ninety live session, with this wonderful community.

IMPORTANT Please register your correct email address at check out, and check your junk folder for confirmation. You don’t need the downloadable ‘ticket’. The weblink to tune in and watch live will be sent to your email address 24 hours before transmission. This will be followed up with a ‘watch again’ link.


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