The age of colour is upon us

“Dull and drab is no longer acceptable for those wanting to live confidently, creatively and escape the prison of the beige-box-home. People in their droves are recognising that their home is the foundation of a life of creativity, happiness, inspiration and joy.

Leading the way in the colour revolution is designer, TV presenter, podcast host and interiors expert Sophie Robinson. Through her inspirational and highly practical online courses, hit TV shows, knock-out brand collaborations, bright and beautiful Instagram and her work with retailers and home owners worldwide, Sophie is liberating us from all things beige or boring. She is an inspiring example, showing us the transformational power of colour and how to take control of our lives and use colour and style in a more meaningful way. Join the colour tribe today to be part of this bold and beautiful revolution.”

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Sophie is the undisputed colour queen and a tour de force in the interior design industry.

Packing the punch of 20 years of experience in journalism, television and design she is on a mission to inspire and help millions to have the confidence to create a vibrant, individual, authentic and, of course, colourful home.

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Brand Collaborations - Leading the way in the industry

Leading the way in the industry

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