colour crush

22 Feb 17

Colour crush: Pale pink

For any of you following me on Instagram stories you’ll know that the only colour I’m obsessing about right now is pale pink. Its been so fashionable in Interior Design for the past couple of years it’s almost on it’s way to being the new beige. ‘Blush’ and ‘nude’ have been the types of lingo […]

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17 Jan 17

Colour Crush: Emerald green with pink

I’m seriously crushing over this colour combo. And I’m just seeing it everywhere. It’s popping all over Instagram and Pinterest. Ever since I saw that front cover from Living Etc almost a year ago I just can’t get it out of my mind. Anyone would be forgiven to thinking Blush Pink was the new grey […]

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29 Dec 16

Colour Crush: Black weatherboard

I’ve become obsessed with Black weatherboard cladding. I started researching ideas for cladding when it came to designing our annex conversion. The existing brick structure was ugly as a toad, and really needed taking down but with a tight budget we needed to find an affordable way to make it look pretty. Cladding an existing […]

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14 Dec 16

Colour Crush: Pantones Greeney

So with the end of the a fairly dismal 2016 coming to an end it’s time to look for new shoots of optimism as we march into the new year. I LOVE a new year. I’m not interested in the parties and hangovers anymore. I’m talking about the exciting expectation of a blank canvas, a […]

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26 Jan 16

Colour Crush: Emerald Green

I’m totally colour crushing emerald green right now. Ok I’ve been lusting over it for a long while and now feel compelled to get it off my chest. Maybe it’s the electric velvet like richness, the feel good mother nature greenness or the ‘Wizard of Oz’ ness of this Emerald city favourite. Declared the colour […]

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05 Dec 15

Colour Crush: Pantone Colour of the Year 2016

I always get a little flutter of excitement when a new colour trend is announced. I’m always thrilled to learn why it has been chosen and how that interprets our world view. So for the first time ever colour forecast experts, Pantone have announced a duo as their ‘Colour of the Year’ and they are […]

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