Living rooms

11 Oct 17

Getting cosy for Autumn

I’ve just about got over huffing and puffing about the rain, the chill and the dark evenings and am ready to embrace autumn. It didn’t take me too long when I realised it means I stop shaving my legs and can finally dig out the cashmere. And I can’t deny that it’s a lovely time […]

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29 Sep 17

That yellow velvet sofa

So by now you have probably seen on my instagram feed or twitter or facebook, THAT canary yellow velvet sofa. How wonderful to come to a point in life where a canary velvet sofa becomes a good idea. Of course I’ve not yet reached that pinnacle of maturity for the aforementioned golden seat belongs to […]

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08 Aug 17

How to hang artwork like an interior designer

Arranging artwork has to be my favourite way to accessorise a home. You get to create a focal point, a striking opportunity to add some colour and by far one of the best ways to really personalise your space. BUT I see it done so wrong time and time again so I thought this would […]

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14 Nov 16

Room Reveal: Purple and grey living room

Here’s my latest idea for a blog post. I’ll find a picture of a room that I feel inspired to talk about and in true The Great Interior Design Challenge style, I’ll judge it and dissect why I think it’s a successful room scheme. I’m going to call it Room Reveal, and will reveal my […]

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11 Mar 16

How to style up your living room

Taking your room from drab to fab can be as simple as rearranging the items you already have. Here I show you how. make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel for regular interior design ideas from me!  

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06 Mar 16

Living room Design Dilemmas. Your questions answered!

This week I invited you all to post your Living room design dilemmas over on my Instagram, Facebook and twitter and I got tons of great questions. I answer a few of my favourites here on my YouTube channel. Make sure you hop over to YouTube and subscribe as I’ll be posting more of my […]

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