06 Dec 18

Christmas gift guide for colour lovers

This year we’ve agreed, due to the amount of money we are haemorrhaging on the house that  I’m getting a new dressing gown. And he’s getting socks. And that’s it. Anyone who has renovated a house will know its all about ‘presents for the house’. While my husband has many fabulous attributes (as I type […]

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01 Dec 16

The Great Interior Design wardrobe challenge!

So I’ve had a monumental clear out of my wardrobe. I’m a terrible terrible hoarder and find it really hard to part with stuff but my attentions are turning to decorating the Forever House and well, I’m dismayed about the mass of clutter I’ve accumulated. I bought the Marie Condo, The Life Changing art of […]

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16 Feb 16

How I wear Bold colour and statement jewellery

Check out my video to talk about how I put together my wardrobe for The Great Interior Design Challenge

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