27 Feb 17

Getting my groove on with T&G

The only type of groove I seem to be able to get jiggy with these days is with a V groove. I’m talking good old fashioned tongue and groove wall paneling that’s made its way, via my Pinterest boards, into the annex and it’s looking fabulous. One thing that’s a niggle for me, especially in […]

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07 Jun 16

Budget kitchen ideas and vintage style on a shoe string

In this short video I have a poke around the kitchen of Sarah Mitchenall, the winner of The Great Interior Design Challenge, and interior designer at Black Parrots Studio. Now we all know Sarah is a designer with style oozing from every pore, but she’s also a queen of setting the style on a shoestring. […]

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26 May 15

10 Stylish ways to style your kitchen

Kitchens are one of my favourite spaces to design, but I’m fully aware that they can cost a total bomb and yet all to often can end up looking rather uncreative. I’m not going to talk layout or practicalities in this post but focus on the look and style with ideas that are pretty thrifty […]

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