A creative, fun and hands-on workshop, all about getting confident with colour to enable you conjure up colour schemes with ease.


This course has been designed to empower and inspire anyone wishing to invigorate their own creative process and get clarity around colour scheming their own home. It’s designed to appeal to complete novices as well as professionals.

I’m a self proclaimed colour lover and I relish the impact and effects you can create by combining different colours together. In 20 years of working within interior design I’ve never become bored of dreaming up new combinations and I’ve had plenty of opportunity to experiment and discover what works. However lot’s of people feel stopped when it comes to picking colours for their rooms and often default to grey or beige to be on the safe side. But go down this route and you’re left with that sinking feeling of disappointment and feeling of underwhelm. This workshop will help you unpick the mystery of how to compile a cohesive colour palette and understand why a scheme is perfect for you and the room you are designing.

interior designer Sophie Robinson presenting at her colour workshop

As a stylist I have had to work fast, often interpreting the trends and the speed of which the industry moves keeps me on my toes but also keeps things very free. It’s this sense of lightness and experimentation when looking at colour is what I want to share.

I understand that people fall into two camps, those who embrace colour and those who fear it. Whichever team you’re on this workshop is for totally for you.

Throughout the day, we’ll be focusing in on what colours YOU are naturally drawn towards and what effect they have and your space. We’ll explore our natural impulses to discover our very own unique colour palette, before covering some theory on how these can work together and how to use your palette to enhance all elements of your life, and your home.

inyeriors and lifestyle blogger the pink house creating mood boards for her pink interior design scheme

I’ll be sharing some of my tried and tested design rules on how to work up a magazine-worthy scheme as well as touching on the theory of colour psychology to ensure that a room feels as good as it looks.

Within the group there will be plenty of time to work on your unique colour palette and mood board for a proposed room scheme and get any questions answered.


colourful swatches for mood boarding on sophie robinson colour workshop sophie robinson colour workshop at Bourne and Hollingsworth

9.00- 9.15 Arrival

Breakfast pastries, tea and coffee’s

9.30-10am Introductions and intentions of the day

An opportunity to get to know who is in the room and your reasons for coming on the course and what you hope to get out of the day

10-10.20am Creating a colour palette

A fun and intuitive session, creating a colour palette collage

10.20- 11.00 Colour Psychology

An introduction into the game changing framework of colour psychology to help you focus in on your own unique colour tribe and how it can bring authenticity and coherence to your home.

11-11.30 Coffee

With something sweet crumbly and delicious to accompany no doubt

11.30-11.40 How  to create an authentic scheme

Getting under the skin of how you want the room to feel, before you begin to get attached to the look and how this can inform your colour choices in order to create something unique and authentic.

 11.40- 11.55 Vision board exercise

Explore how to make a vision board for your room and your home. An invaluable tool that you’ll return to again and again throughout your project.

11.55- 12.30 The Creative Process

I share the process I use when designing a scheme, from initiating the brief all the way through creating concept boards, before the final reveal.

12.30-1.30 Lunch

Arguably the most important part of the day. Time to enjoy delicious food and share our love of interior design with great conversation

1.30-2.00 Colour Scheming

I share my personal ideas and tried and tested theories on how to make any colour scheme a success and give you the confidence to go for it.

2.00- 3.00 Room scheme board

Finally we will get to work on that room scheme board, adding paint colours, fabrics and furniture so you can begin to realise your scheme coming to life

3- 3.30 Coffee

And a chance for a little cheeky dessert

3.30-4.00 Fabrics and Finishes

End the day thinking about those all important finishing touches which can make a project really sing

4.00-4.30 Feedback

A chance to wrap up the day by discovering what you have learned and resolve any unanswered questions

4.30-5pm Cocktails!

After all that hard work it’s time to celebrate! A glass of fizz or a fruit punch so we can all raise a glass to how hard we’ve all worked today.



Home improvers: If you are looking at redesigning your own home this will give you the insight and confidence to pull together a strong colour scheme.

Interior Designers: If you find yourself in a colour rut and are looking to reinvigorate your design process then this creative day will kick start some fresh inspiration and look at colour scheming in a new way.

Creatives: If you would like to spend the day furthering your knowledge of colour and its applications as well as Sophie’s personal take on how to use it and create mood boards then you’ll find this a creatively fulfilling day.



  1. Discover your own unique colour palette that’s true to you, not just lifted off Pinterest.
  2. Learn about the power of Colour Psychology and how it can transform the way a room feels as well as looks
  3. Enjoy getting in touch with your creative side, playing with colours, paints, fabrics and materials in a free and playful way
  4. Learn to pull together a mood board that will empower you to design a room with confidence. It might even help you persuade the other half!
  5. Share the day with like minded interior design enthusiasts in a beautiful venue with a delicious lunch

The workshop runs from 9.30am – 5pm.  Refreshments, lunch and all materials included in the ticket price.


Tickets : 

LONDON: 2nd October 2018: £365  25% SOLD,  40% SOLD, 60% SOLD, 80% SOLD  SOLD OUT
Venue: B&H Buildings, 42 Northampton Rd, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HU

Tickets are sold out.

Tickets are non-refundable.





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