24 Feb 17

Construction of the Annex Build renovation

One of the most exciting parts of designing a house from the ground up is seeing the progress and being able to make the right choices every step of the way. Our annex renovation has been a facinating build in terms of construction. We’ve opted for a timber frame thought allows for maximum insulation all […]

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22 Feb 17

Colour crush: Pale pink

For any of you following me on Instagram stories you’ll know that the only colour I’m obsessing about right now is pale pink. Its been so fashionable in Interior Design for the past couple of years it’s almost on it’s way to being the new beige. ‘Blush’ and ‘nude’ have been the types of lingo […]

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08 Feb 17

Furniture layout and electrical plan for the Annex project

Getting a furniture plan laid out is the first step to creating a successful interior design. From there you can plan where you need the plot the electrics and the plan for the lighting design. It’s the basic first step and I show you an really easy way to do it. All you need is […]

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06 Feb 17

Gathered by Mary Norden

A beautiful coffee table book is one of my weaknesses. I just love them, much more than magazines. I use them in my styling to look gorgeous on coffee tables or perched, forward facing, on a bookshelf. My latest acquirement is just gorgeous, Gathered by interior stylist Mary Norden and photographer Polly Wreford. I interviewed […]

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02 Feb 17

Home tour with Daniela Tasca York

I got an exclusive peak around the home of Interior Designer, and winner of The Great Interior Design Challenge, Daniela Tasca York. I loved seeing how Daniela juggles being a style fanatic with living in a rented home, not to mention two young children under 4 years old. She had great ideas on how to […]

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31 Jan 17

Interview with Interior Stylist Mary Norden

You know in life there are always those girls you have a bit of a crush on. Be it the cool girls at school or women who are smashing it in your chosen field. Well the interior stylist Mary Norden has always been one of my career crushes. During her time as Interiors Editor on […]

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