At last after 6 months of awful nail biting, pricey solicitors and dirty tricks (why is buying a house in this country so horrid?!) we have finally moved into our new family Home. I share it all on our moving in day so you guys can see what a project we have on our hand. […]

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Style maven Sarah Mitchenall wowed the judges to win the 2016 Great Interior Design Challenge so who wouldn’t want a proper snoop around her own pad? No surprises that it’s filled to the brim with creative ideas and thrifty interior design ideas to steal. Check it out!      

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In this short video I share my Interior Stylist tricks of the trade on how to style up the objects you already own to look super stylish in your interior designed scheme. After years of styling objects on photoshoots to make a super shot, you can use the same principals to style up special moments […]

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