Could you go as far to the Maximalist side as Aira and Gunveer? I loved working with this couple who just didn’t want to hold back on any of the colour or pattern! Aira was very clear on the styles of pattern she enjoys and the deep dark colour palette too. I was there to […]

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After 25 years in the business there is still room for a career first! Kirsty and Martin presented a unique challenge. First the size of the room; walls over 4m tall and a vast floor plan measuring 9 x 6m. But not only that a 86″ TV, huge reclining leather armchair and tournament sized snooker […]

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It’s here! Its a bit of a pinch me moment but I’ve got my own TV show. All the squeals and a dream come true. The beautiful people at Channel 5 reached out last year and invited me to work on a pioneering new design show. They wanted big reveals, mouthwatering interiors, plenty of tips […]

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