Blue and white is such a classic combo- I don’t think it is ever out of fashion. Its popularity transcends trends probably because blue wears the crown as the world’s favourite colour and, as I will go on to explain, a brilliant colour to base your interior design schemes around. From Chinese Ming pottery to […]

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In the words of 1990’s hip house band 2 in a Room “I wanna see you wiggle it, just a little bit”. I’m seeing this design motif, everywhere from wall coverings, furniture shapes to printed homewares, and I’m feeling it! The wiggle feels joyous, light and a touch silly. In a world that feels heavy […]

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Wahoo! Haven’t we had the most glorious May and the sun continues to shine on us into June. If the past two years has taught us anything, it’s that we love our outside spaces. So whether you have a meandering country garden or compact city terrace, styling your garden to look as lush as your […]

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