Here is the UK it’s been rain all week and that combined with spending half term in doors without the usual outlets for entertainment means that glum feeling is creeping in! Aren’t we all missing summer! I can feel the winter blues taking hold as I wish for another minute in bed in the morning […]

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Happiness. It’s the Holy Grail right? And us Brits don’t appear to be very good at it. We’re just not hitting the Hygge like our Scandinavian neighbours. But ask anyone I know and it’s the ultimate goal we’re all striving to grasp – be it success at work, love filled relationships, or harmony at home.  […]

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So I’ve had a monumental clear out of my wardrobe. I’m a terrible terrible hoarder and find it really hard to part with stuff but my attentions are turning to decorating the Forever House and well, I’m dismayed about the mass of clutter I’ve accumulated. I bought the Marie Condo, The Life Changing art of […]

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