The third post in my series on the Psychology of Colour and the seasonal personalities sees one of my personal favourites, Autumn. Ah, Autumn- one of the most triumphant times of the year when it comes to watching nature in all its colour splendour! From leaves turning into vibrant fiery russet reds and auburn golds […]

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When I did a poll on my recent Instagram Stories, the Habitat seasonal room set that got the most votes was Autumn, but only by a smidge! It was actually pretty evenly matched across the four seasons, which just goes to show this really works! No matter what the time of year or what paint […]

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Isn’t it just the most splendid time of year?! I’m totally in love with Autumn, the light is just magical and all the colours looks so intense, from the fresh blue skies, nut brown conkers to our recent haul of livid green cooking apples. We’ve had an exceptionally warm October but the frost kicked in […]

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