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14 Mar 18

Are you a Winter personality?

Winter is a season of extremes, from the sharpest frosty morning with piercing blue skies (the kind that makes it hard to drive on the school run) through to those foggish drab flat dull January afternoons which feel like they’ll drag on forever. There is also a real motionlessness to winter. Unlike the energetic styles […]

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12 Mar 18

Are you an Autumn Personality?

When I did a poll on my recent Instagram Stories, the Habitat seasonal room set that got the most votes was Autumn, but only by a smidge! It was actually pretty evenly matched across the four seasons, which just goes to show this really works! No matter what the time of year or what paint […]

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07 Mar 18

Are you a Summer Personality?

Following on from my previous blog post I’m continuing to explore the four seasonal personalities and how colour psychology can be used to help you make powerful design schemes. (If you’re new to colour psychology then you can catch up and read my post here.) So summer….   After all the energy and newness of spring […]

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04 Mar 18

Are you a Spring personality?

As part of my month long collaboration with Habitat I’m going to share a little more about Colour Psychology and why I think its such a wonderful way to help you dig a little deeper and find out your own true authentic style. Its also a great framework to help you work out how you […]

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15 Jun 17

Colour Psychology for interiors: The winter personality

  The title of this blog post has the word Winter in it so I know I’m in danger of you skipping straight past it, since we are all clinging into this glorious summer sunshine- but hold on in there. In terms of Colour Psychology this is by far the most popular season with professional […]

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13 Jun 17

Colour Psychology for interiors: the autumn personality

Next in my series of blog posts about seasonal personalities is autumn. Now just to quickly recap, I’m exploring the psychology of colour because I think it’s an wonderful tool to streamline the design process. We are literally bombarded with visual stimulus, trends, latest looks, magazines, not to mention the rabbit hole that is Pinterest. […]

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